#4106 Giant Saber-toothed Flying Mole with Gills

#4106 Giant Saber-toothed Flying Mole with Gills

$5.00 USD

 Giant Sabertoothed Winged Mole with Gills

A recent product of Theo’s diabolical laboratory the Sabertoother Winged Mole with Gills is truly a creature of inescapable destruction, a relentless nightmare from which there is no awakening - as well having snuggly soft fur and a cute button nose.
While admirably designed to be an indefatigable agent of doom in most respects, equally at home over, on or under land or sea there was something of a design oversight in the sensory department. To put it bluntly the mole’s eyesight is poor, it’s echo-location is hampered by the lack of external ears and the strains placed on it’s olfactory system by aquatic adaptation have left it less than razor sharp. Although field tests have indicated the mole to have an effective enemy recognition range of less than thirty meters they have also demonstrated a badger-like, dogged fearlessness and tenacity.
Theo considers the Giant Sabertoothed Winged Mole with Gills to be one of his great monstrological successes and has produced them in great numbers.

The model is 37mm snout to tail, which is quite big for a mole in this scale.

Pewter minature

Original idea by Theo Meier

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