#4102 Squidboy

#4102 Squidboy

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 Squidboy and Whaleboy

Theo’s first experiment in recombinant monstrology was an attempt to create a super-monster with the strongest and best traits of squid, whale and human. Unfortunately the diametrically opposed essences of cephalopod and cetacean  were too much for the containment field of his prototype Mark I Monstermixer.

When the fire had been extinguished and the debris cleared away the infant Squidboy and Whaleboy were discovered amid the wreckage.
Both grew quickly but where Squidboy early on showed amazing dexterity and a mastery of mad science second only to Theo’s own, Whaleboy was slow and clumsy and until Theo completed his cybernetic fingers, incapable of the simplest manual tasks. Added to his hardship was the unrelenting hostility of his ‘brother’, an antipathy Whaleboy soon reciprocated with interest*.

 Whaleboy however, was made of sturdy stuff. A self-imposed a regimen of  brutally rigorous exercise  strengthened his lower body and with newly perfected bionic hands Whaleboy soon showed his mettle, becoming a master of the art of war particularly submarine and amphibious assault. He serves not only as general of the armies of Theoland but still takes the field as head of Theo’s super-elite commando unit, the dreaded ‘Almost Invisible Silent Scary Guys’. Tough but fair, he commands the fanatical devotion of his troops and the ungrudging respect of his enemies particularly for his personal refusal to engage in cootie warfare.

WB is 28mm, SB 31mm.

*They have not so much as been in the same room together since the dreadful incident at their third birthday party where…well… let’s just say it is fortunate Squidboy regenerates.

Pewter minature

Original idea by Theo Meier

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