#4004 Bushwoolies

#4004 Bushwoolies

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 Pewter minature

A set of 3 "Bushwoolies" from Theoland, "Little Wooly", "Closed mouth Wooly" & 'Big teeth Wooly"

Despite being perhaps the most ubiquitous fauna of both Theoland and Noraland little definite information is available about the Bushwooly. While all authorities concur it is omnivorous, roughly spheroid in shape with large eyes, long dense fur and 'likes to jump' agreement ends there. For example, some naturalists have described Bushwooly eyes as 'googley' and 'moving all around their head' (or body as the two are indistinguishable) whereas others insist they are 'big and cute, like a bunny'. Even the Bushwooly's size is in dispute though all reputable scientific opinion agrees it is 'small'. Perhaps the most striking divergence is in the characterization of the mouth which one expert describes as 'teeny-tiny' in direct contradiction of the exhaustively illustrated 2010 publication of a noted Bushwoolyologst who insists it is 'as big as his whole head (body).

Even less is known about Bushwooly behavior. Though everyone familiar with the animal asserts they are very like chickens, there is a sharp divide on whether this extends, as some have speculated, to larger Bushwoolies eating smaller ones, an assertion one prominent investigator described as 'just gross'.

The relationship between Buswoolies and Fluffballs is as yet completely unknown. Fluffballs are of course characterized by their single eye but whether thay are, as some have proposed, simply 'Bushwoolies with one eye poked out' (or indeed one eye shut) or a separate species is a matter of contraversy.

With these considerations in mind our Bushwooly models have been reviewed by a panel of experts before making them available to the public. We are gratified to report their reception was enthusiastic:

"Your Bushwoolies are great! I really like them!" Bushwooly professor emeritis University of Theoland T. H. Meier

"The little one is so cute!" N.L. Meier author of 'Bushwolis Lik to Jump'

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