About Us

About Us

Company Info

Thunderbolt Mountain was started by artist Tom Meier. The main focus is put on researching and designing new sculptures. We also produce and sell some of the product lines designed by Tom.

Contact Info

Thunderbolt Mountain
193 Beech Rd
Loveland, OH 45140 USA
Email: kellner@thunderboltmountain.com
 other email cmeier@thunderboltmountain.com
Sculptor & Owner
Tom Meier
Ordering & Web Design
John Kellner - orders/ casting
Carin Meier - website stuff
Mold Making & Casting
We do most of our casting and mold making ourselves but when we do use someone else, we use Brian Hitsman, who does excellent work

Phone Orders

sorry we do not accept phone orders at this time

Return Info

We do not accept returns, however, we will gladly replace any missing or damaged pieces.
If you need to contact someone about replacement parts, please email
Email: info@thunderboltmountain.com

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Email: kellner@thunderboltmountain.com