#4202 Ballerina Fairy Princess Infantry

#4202 Ballerina Fairy Princess Infantry

$12.00 USD

 Pewter minature

A set of 6 Ballerina  Fairy Princess Infantry, consists of 6 different poses.

Magical Ballerina Fairy Princess Infantry*

Recruited from the most doughy and redoubtable ballerina fairy princesses in all Noraland, equipped with the latest fully automatic high velocity glitter wands and rigorously trained to the very acme of lethal terpsichorean proficiency these formidable troops give pause to the ravages of the most depraved and demented monstrosities. Savage, gimlet-eyed, unspeakably icky abominations from Theo’s diabolical laboratories roll their eye-stalks skyward, nostrils flaring for the sent of peppermint-honeysuckle, or strain auditory membranes for the tinkling of a suppressed giggle, the harbinger of  their doom.

Magical Ballerina Fairy Princesses are organized into ‘Cliques’ (regiments/squadrons) of at least 3 and rarely mustering as many as 20 with the average being about six. The commander,  ‘Most Popular Magical Ballerina Fairy Princess’ or MPMBFP, her  executive officer ‘Bestest Bestest Friend’ (BBF)and a number of Lieutenants, ‘Best Friends’ (BF’s). All Magical Ballerina Fairy Princesses are officers. Regiments are distinguished by the color and to some degree the cut of their outfits, though there is individual variation. Famous old Cliques such as the ‘Twyla Tharp’s Own Interpretive Border Rievers’ have long histories and traditions. Commanding officers are generally distinguished by a feather boa, long white gloves and/or rhinestone-studded sunglasses.

The MBFPI average about 22mm tall.

*Despite being classed as infantry MBFP’s can use their wings for brief low-level jumps.


As anyone with two or more children can testify, you can’t do something for one and not the other. So it is that having made Slug-eat-your-face for my son Theo, I am now obliged to make something for my daughter Nora.

These creations are part of a game my children play while riding in the car. Theo has an imaginary kingdom, ‘Theoland’ and has encouraged Nora to develop ‘Noraland’ as a foil for his schemes of conflict.

The game consists of Theo coming up with imaginary creatures and devices the destructive capabilities of which he enumerates at very great length. Nora, being only four, responds with somewhat less invention but being of a systematic turn of mind, creates by addition to her basic template.

And so I have had to construct Nora’s response to Theo’s provocation from a number of conversations. A synopsis would go something like this. The speakers are sometimes simultaneous.

T. In Theoland I have giant moles…

N. Well, Noraland has Pink Ponies.

T. ...with wings …

N. Well mine are pink UNICORN ponies

T. ...and gills …

N. ...and THEY have wings too and …

T. ... so you can’t get away from them…

N. ...they have fairy princesses, MAGICAL fairy princesses…

T. ...no matter where you go.

N. ...to ride them.

T. And anyway Nora, there’s no such thing as magic.

N. And they’re BALLERINA fairy princesses.

T. Well my moles have bat wings and are really scary.

N. Well … hum... my ponies have RAINBOW LASERS.

So there you have it. ‘Ballerina Fairy Princess on Flying Pink Pony Unicorn with Rainbow Laser’. The standard unit of the Noraland defense force.

P.S. While designing this piece I had some additional input. Nora informed me that lasers are very hot (an observation she made after watching a science video) and thought I should add oven mitts to the Ballerina Fairy Princess, so she would not burn her fingers.

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