#4103 Squidmen with Goo Guns

#4103 Squidmen with Goo Guns


Despite the name, squidmen seem to have nothing of the squid about them, looking more like a compound of human, hammerhead shark, goldfish and something with long sharp claws or spines (lionfish?). Some say they were a failed attempt by Squidboy to create a cadre of loyal henchmen as a bulwark against his nemesis Whaleboy, hence squidboy’s-men or squidmen.  Others suspect beakers were mislabeled in the lab. Whatever their origin squidmen are loyal only to Theo and serve with enthusiasm under Whaleboy who they affectionately call ‘Big Moby’ which comes out sounding like “feeg woofy” due to the peculiarities of their oral anatomy.

They carry a variety of weapons, preferring large, loud, noisome or otherwise impressive and ostentatious devices. For reason which are not entirely clear they prefer to dress in pirate costume. They are 34mm tall.

 Theo regards this as the best and truest, to his vision, of the figures I've made for him so far.


A set of 3 Squidmen in different poses

Pewter minature

Original idea by Theo Meier

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